Pros & Cons of a 100% Custom Web Design

While cyberspace is rife with so many free web design platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, Joomla and a lot more, having a custom web design still presents a number of advantages.

Many companies still require the assistance of professional designers or web design agencies due to the fact that they are not as limited as web design platforms. Custom web design is only delimited by the imagination of the website owner’s nature of business, his/her personal preferences and the designer’s.

Benefits of Custom Web Design

1. Versatility – Anything you can plot out on paper can be feasibly built. In terms of aesthetics or technical capabilities, you are less limited compared to other web design options.

2. Built-in SEO – Custom website design comes with keywords designed to increase search engine traffic and make the site more visible to target customers and likely business partners.

3. Better expandability – A custom site upon the request of a website owner can be constructed along with the use of more elaborate or advanced plug-ins. This ultimately paves the way for future expansions or create opportunities for integrating with other features and updates.

Drawbacks of Custom Web Development

Depending on your plan or your available budget, building a custom website may have its fair share of drawbacks. But none so grave as to prevent you from launching a SEO-friendly site.

1. Tends to be costly

The thing about custom websites is that you need to hire a designer or a website development Melbourne company.  Such a move requires higher budget than a simple DIY website on free web design platforms. Your choice is either to put up with the limits or invest in custom web design. The latter can generate results that work in your favour.

2. Requires more personnel needs

Because custom websites contain features that may not be as easy as drag-and-drop web design mechanisms, you need additional professional expertise to build and maintain it. Moreover, managing a custom site and making sure it’s error-free is also more complicated than using a free web builder.

3. Takes some time to complete

Elaborate websites require time and patience with perhaps one or two off-site personnel working on its development. And the whole process of building, testing and changing may require weeks or months to complete.

Key Takeaway

Different companies have different priorities. If you want a website that’s truly representative of your business, investing in a custom web design is a reasonable choice. However, for web owners with budget constraints, a simple drag-and-drop free web builder platform may suffice until you’re financially ready.