Best Platform for E-Commerce Web Design – Magento vs WordPress


You’re thinking about building an e-commerce store with a custom website development company. Everyone you approached for advice gave you a different opinion or observation. There were WordPress advocates (and we can understand that) and Magento loyals.

Both web design platforms have helped businesses boost their website traffic and revenue. Because of this, you feel like whichever platform you choose, you can’t possibly go wrong. Word to the wise: think again.

Magento and WordPress work differently on different businesses. Some niche markets are more compatible with the former, while certain markets only trust WordPress.

For your better understanding, we present a comparative analyses of Magento and WordPress in 3 different contexts:

1. Security Features

As a dedicated ecommerce platform, Magento is relatively secure. Magento offers several security features entrepreneurs need to sell products online without the risk of third party plug-ins or extensions. External plug-ins and extensions are easily susceptible to viruses that may infect the entire website.

WordPress is a trusted platform, accounting for majority of the world’s website owners. Despite its popularity hacking attempts are common.  Moreover, the use of extensions and plugins to boost ecommerce features makes the platform vulnerable and less secure.

2. Price 

Magento websites can be a bit pricey. Firms or individuals usually don’t invest in this platform unless they are 100% sure they have the budget for it. However, as far as adding gradually products is concerned, the platform offers more convenient scaling and growth.

WordPress, on one hand, is affordable. It offers free and paid options to users. Even paid options are considerably cheaper than packages offered by other web platforms. While certainly friendly to start-ups, users are expected to spend more as their business grows to accommodate more products.

3. Versatility

Magento is a good e-commerce platform and can assist SMEs transition into mid-scale companies or corporations. There is no need to switch to a different package as the system already takes into consideration future business growth. Unfortunately, blogging features are limited. Extensions may boost e-commerce but extra SEO effort may be necessary.

WordPress is multidimensional – which explains its clientele base. From a built-in blogging platform, to plug-ins (provided they’re secure) and extensions to SEO-ready features, WordPress has practically covered a great chunk of the ground. In the context of versatility, WordPress wins hands down.

Custom Website Development Company

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